Corporate Health Offering

Protect your employees from  burnout, diabetes & cardiovascular diseases!

Your coach...
tells you what to eat
tells you when you how to compensate when you get off track...
get's you moving..
tells you when you need a check-up...
rewards a healthy lifestyle

1 solution - 1000 individual programs

Corporate health management is gaining importance lately with leisure and work mixing up more and more.

Reduce sick days due to chronic diseases and increase the wellbeing of all your employees in a most cost-effective way with the mycoach program. 

With our digital solution we treat each employee individually and anonymously.

Advantages of the program

for you and your employees

  • Increased productivity
  • Sustainble support at home and at work in a discrete way
  • Increase in employee satisfaction
  • Cost-efficient program tailored to the needs of your company
  • Engage the fit and chronically ill with the support of health insurances

A flexible concept starting at CHF 25 per employee

Let’s start straight away!

We accompany your employees for a full month towards a healthier lifestyle that fits individuals‘ preferences.

Let’s start straight away!
Feedback and most effective corrections for your employees

Every company and department is different: We jointly analyze the fully anonymized data on detailed levels and look for your footprint on burnout, sleep deprivation, nutritional deficits, lack of exercise, etc.. We then discuss the key actions to take to support your employees best.

Feedback and most effective corrections for your employees
Individual support

We anonymously support your key risk groups 1:1 in our programs tailored to the following risk: burnout prevention, cardiovascular or diabetes program, etc.)

Individual support
Impact analysis

Closing analysis of the programs impact and closure of the program cycle. Detailed reporting is handed out.

Important: System categorically blocks names and small groups that allow the deduction of user identities for the reason of the protection of personal rights of the employee.

Impact analysis


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