Get active against your diabetes type 2 with proper nutrition and exercise.

Regain control over your blood sugar and gain back quality of life.

All inclusive package for you

A healthy lifestyle has a big impact on your diabetes. Regular exercise and an optimized nutrition might enable you to reduce or discontinue your medication and regain your freedom. Even long-term diagnoses might prove to be reversible or greatly improved.

Our diabetes program helps you to stabilize your blood sugar, reduce excess weight and regain the joy of eating thanks to the wide variety of suitable, tasty recipes. 

12 months to make a real difference

  • All content adapted to your diabetes
  • Individual meal plans for diabetes
  • Convenient shopping with shopping lists
  • 4 months weekly new package
  • Towards a healthier self in 8 more monthly packages
  • Motivating Fitness & behavioural challenges
  • Phone coaching by certified nutritional coaches
  • 3 impact measurements

CSS, Helsana and Swica support your program with up to CHF 450 Learn more

Stop worrying about what to eat - start enjoying!

Our nutritional specialists create the perfect tasty mealplans tailored to your diabetes. You will get more favorable fibre, less saturated fats and meals with a low glycemic index. With a box full of savory recipes – you will automatically stick to the right meal choice!

Healthy and easy to find ingredients which are ideal for your condition.

Low carb still allows for some whole grains on your plate. Your family can add more carbs as needed.

Additional sugar or sweeteners? You won’t miss them, we show you how!

Fibres, vitamins and minerals all packed into tasty meals for you.

It only takes a few steps to prepare a healthy lunch for the next day with the leftovers of your dinner. 

Be good to yourself - 365 days a year.
Your health insurance subsidizes your program with up to CHF 450

Get your shoes on and keep moving with our weekly challenges! Every minute counts and will help you improve your health condition.

All challenges are easy to integrate into your daily life!

Tips and tricks to help you overcoming mental barriers and keeping it up.

More activity = fitter + lighter

A little goes a long way: a more active lifestyle will lower your blood sugar levels and increase your insulin sensitivity¹. We will give your activity level a boost with easy new ideas and impulses that will keep you moving with joy.  

¹based on current scientific research

mycoach will make a difference. And your are not alone.

I tried all diets and fads under the sun with no lasting success. It makes so much sense to me to change the way I eat and move on the long term. I really embraced the mycoach philosophy. For me the cook once, eat twice principle proved especially helpful as well as the shopping lists. I've lost 7% of body weight so far and reversed my diabetes.
Heidi Järmann
62 yrs., reversed diabetes
The fact that I had to take blood sugar pills every day motivated me to become active and to take matters into my own hands. Before starting with mycoach I wasn't much of a cook. The program managed to change this and it is so worth it! I've lost 24 kg in one year, my blood sugar levels are back to normal and there are no more pills in my life.
Lukas Kohler
46 yrs., no more blood sugar pills