No points. No prohibitions.
Discover the rewards of new healthy habits.

Loose weight, simply start a healthier way of eating or actively manage your illness with us.

Say goodbye to dieting, yoyo effect and counting points or calories. Enjoy tasty, healthy food instead. We will make healthy nutrition work for you – no matter how busy your daily life is!

What to expect of mycoach programs

  • Eating with no prohibitions
  • Partners, children & guests eat the same
  • Meals are ready in 25 minutes
  • Individual nutritional plan
  • Recipes, shopping lists & challenges
  • Coachings to form sustainable new habits

Test our best-selling
4 weeks intensive program

  • Recipes
  • Coachings
  • Challenges

This is how mycoach helps you to transform your health.

We know it can be challenging to change your lifestyle and to avoid common pitfalls. This is why our approach works so well for our clients.

You transform the way you eat

  • Your starterbox helps you with your first changes
  • Fast, easy recipes & shopping lists
  • Exercise challenges help you to discover the joy of movement with little extra effort

You form healthy new habits

  • The kilos start dropping & you feel great
  • Coachings help you to implement changes for good
  • Discover your healthier self and define new goals along the way

Always at your hand

We believe in a tangible product to support you by changing your nutritional habits. Therefor we send you a box with recipes, motivation and much more every week straight to your letter box.

¹The Success of our clients proves this to be true

+ Your digital companion

To support you even better in your day to day life and routine,  our Uplyfe app is available. Your Uplyfe app will provide you with individual tipps & coachings around the clock.

No time to cook? Discover mycoach fresh.