About the mycoach programs

Not the typical weight loss diet: it’s not about eating less but about eating differently. You won’t be hungry but eat different types of food that are nutrient-dense and therefore satisfying. Less carbohydrates are compensated by more proteins and healthy fats resulting in well balance meals.

On an average a mycoach day contains about 1.300-1.500 kcal with an daily split of:

  • 35-45% of carbs, maximized for complex carbs
  • 15-25% of protein, checked for complete essential amino acids
  • 35-40% of fats, optimized to maximize the share of unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fats

And of course many of the little helpers in form of antioxidants, fibers and vitamins. This is based on the diet for a person of 70kgs. Your program will lead you on how much to increase the portion size to match your needs and achieve optimal results.


This program will continue to support you loosing weight as long as you stick to it. This also depends on your constitution, starting weight, age and metabolism. Our participants are loosing 9% of body weight within 6 months on average (Source: Study by health insurance in 2017, N=57).

We don’t have a vegetarian program but with a bit of flexibility it’s easily possible to substitute meat and fish in the few meals per week with vegetarian proteins such as legumes, soy, beans, eggs and milk products. Most meals are vegetarian anyway. Another simple trick: just switch a meat-recipe in the current week with a veggie-recipe you liked from the past weeks.

Please indicate your allergy in the comments field of your order. We will provide you with a list of suitable substitutes for the standard ingredients.

As the lunch recipes are based on the dinner recipes, you’ll find them directly on the dinner-recipe-cards. In the white box on the right hand side we show you how to prepare a healthy lunch from the dinner recipe with a few extra steps.

A certified nutritional coach will support you by phone during 30 minutes (included in the 12 months mycoach programs). Coachings are available in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Our meal plans include one meat and one fish dish per week, all other recipes are vegetarian. We give you a wide choice of breakfast recipes to choose from. Lunch and dinner are very varied including mediterranean & asian touches as well as well known classics such as „Züri-Geschnetzeltes“. We are sure you will love our recipes as much as our clients do.

All about mycoach fresh

You can choose Tuesday and Thursday as delivery days. We send our meals by Swiss post, cooled with dry ice so that they will remain frozen until the evening of the delivery day.

That’s correct. Our meals are being deep-frozen right after preparation. This is the best way to preserve as many nutrients as possible. Furthermore it will allow you to keep your meals in the freezer and take them out flexibly whenever needed.

Simply click on the meal and learn all about the ingredients & allergenes. On average, our meals contain about 500 kcal per meal with a maximum of nutrients and taste. 

You will be provided with all the meals from morning to evening, all of them being ready made. Breakfasts consist of fruity porridges and frittatas. One of the main meals will be vegetarian, the other one consists of a fish or meat dish.

Heating of frozen meals
Add the transparent bag to a hot water bath or microwave oven for about 20 minutes.

Heating of thawed meals
Take the meals out of the freezer the night before and let them thaw in the fridge overnight. Heat up for about 5 minutes in a hot water bath or microwave.

Tip: If you use the microwave, pick the bag with a fork beforehand in order to prevent the bag from exploding.