mycoach fresh

Simple.   Quick.   Healthy. 

We cook for you. You lay back and enjoy.

If your life gets a bit too busy, mycoach fresh makes sure you will still eat healthy and balanced meals. Get to know our locally produced low carb meals as subscription or single meals delivery.

Meals as fresh subscription

The mycoach fresh subscription takes care of you 7 days a week & you enjoy the things you love.

  • 3 meals a day - low carb without hunger
  • free delivery to all of Switzerland, frozen
  • suitable for weight loss, diabetes, reduction of cholesterol

Single fresh meals

Pick your favorite meals and we deliver them to your home or office.

  • free from gluten & lactose
  • perfectly balanced nutrients
  • eating healthy - anytime

Our convenience meals help you reducing weight.

Forget sandwiches & junk food due to the lack of healthy alternatives. With mycoach fresh you will always have something healthy & tasty at hand. Our meals are freshly prepared in Zürich and immediately shock-frosted in order to maintain a maximum of nutrients.

Open vacuum seal, take out inner bag, add to a hot water bath or heat in your microwave. Your meal is ready!

No unpleasant surprises: Allergy information provided on the package and online.

Low carb – but none of the usual bland diet meal experience. Regular meal changes provide you with our classics and seasonal highlights to keep your subscription interesting.

Freshly made from scratch, all our meals are free from gluten, lactose and additives.

We help you choose the right subscription

JUST NOW Save 20.- CHF on your 1 week mycoach fresh package.

Flex subscription
7×3 meals a week + quick recipes

can be stopped on a weekly basis, 5% discount

1 week package
21 meals + quick recipes 

one-time, fresh deliveries

Still some questions? No problem.

Frequently asked questions & useful information

Simply click on the meal and learn all about the ingredients and allergenes. On average, our meals contain about 500 kcal per meal with a maximum of nutrients and taste. 

You will be provided with all the meals from breakfast to dinner. Breakfasts consist of fruity porridges and frittatas. One of the main meals will be vegetarian, the other one consists of a fish or meat dish.

We deliver on Tuesday and Thursday. Just select your favorite date during the check-out. We use dry ice to keep your frozen meals perfectly cold until the evening of the delivery date. 

Heating of frozen meals

Heat the meal in the transparent bag in a hot water bath or microwave oven for 20 minutes. 

Heating of thawed meals
Put the meals in the fridge the night before. Heat up for about 5 minutes in a hot water bath or microwave.

Tip: If you use the microwave, pick the bag with a fork beforehand in order to avoid the bag to explode.