Optimal nutrition at home.

Immediately after your stay at a hospital, your mycoach welcome home package will support your with fast and healthy recipes to facilitate your everyday life at home. 

Your mycoach meal plan, designed by nutritional scientists, specifically supports your regeneration process and is fast & easy to cook.

Exclusive gift

for Hirslanden Privé patients

  • nutritional scientists at your side
  • save time and energy with easy recipes
  • nutritional plans that boost your immune system
  • facilitates your regeneration
  • nutrition that support the building of new tissue and blood
  • free consulting call with nutritional specialist

That’s how it works after your hospital stay

During your hospital stay

Order your exclusive Hirslanden Privé package using your voucher code from the brochure.

Once arrived at home

Cook and enjoy your meals according to the meal plan. Shopping list is included.

After your first week at home

Even after less invasive surgeries your recovery will take longer than one week. Consult our nutritional specialists in order to get more support concerning your specific requirements. This consultation of about 10 minutes is included in your free Hirslanden Privé package.

Provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to get healthy.

Your diet has a big impact on your recovery. This is the reason why our team of doctors and nutritionists put a meal plan together with as much nutritional value as possible.   

All ingredients at hand thanks to the shopping list provided. Order online & just start cooking!

Easy and fast recipes developed for you.

Tested and proven by families, elderly couples and singles.

Valuable proteins, vitamin C, zinc & iron for a fast regeneration – all combined in tasty & quick recipes.

No time to cook? Discover our mycoach fresh.

Easy, small changes to your daily routine will make a difference.

Challenges fit easily into your daily routines.

Our tipps & challenges are motivating and fun, therefore easy to adopt.  

Optimal regeneration

Challenges support you with additional healthy habits that are key in your phase.