Actively lower your cholesterol levels and feel fit & healthy.

Optimized nutrition and exercise have never been as easy. Don’t give cardiovascular risks any chance!

Our all inclusive package for you.

A high blood lipid profile doesn’t usually come with any symptoms or pain. Nevertheless it is considered a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, which do involve symptoms sooner or later.

Take the chance now and change your eating and exercising habits with us. By doing so you will minimize the risk of secondary diseases. 

12 months improving your blood lipid profile

  • All content specifically designed to reduce blood lipid levels
  • Individual nutritional plan
  • Shopping list for fast & easy shopping
  • 4 months weekly fresh and tasty meal plans
  • Forming a healthier you with 8 months extended support
  • Fitness and behaviour challenges
  • Phone coachings with certified nutritionists
  • 3 impact measurements

CSS, Helsana and Swica support your program with up to CHF 450
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Stop worrying about what to eat - start enjoying!

Our nutritional specialists create the perfect tasty mealplans for your condition. You will get more favorable fibre, less saturated fats and inflammation and cholesterol lowering polyunsaturated fats on your plate. Transfats will not get even close to your plate with our easy weekly meal plans and seasonal recipes.

Healthy and easy to find ingredients that are ideal for your condition.

Our recipes are fast and easy to cook – no worries, even beginners will be proud of their results 😉

We test all the recipes ourselves – they are proven for all situations and family set-ups. Promise!

Nutritionists, foodies and MDs are working side by side to develop our effective, tasty and easy meal plans. 

No healthy canteen at work? Working shifts? We solved that: it only takes a few steps to prepare a healthy lunch for the next day with the leftovers of your dinner. 

Be good to yourself - 365 days a year.
Your health insurance subsidizes your program with up to CHF 450

Get your shoes on and keep moving with our weekly challenges! Every minute counts and will help you improve your health condition.

All challenges are easy to integrate into your daily life!

Tips and tricks to help you overcoming mental barriers and keeping it up.

Find joy in movement

Already little exercise is most effective to lower your blood levels¹. It increases your ‚good‘ HDL and reduces bad LDL cholesterol. Each week we will provide you with various ideas in form of challenges to discover new routines that you will really like after giving it a first chance.

¹based on current scientific statictics

mycoach will make a difference. And your are not alone.

I recommend a lifestyle change to all my patients with moderately increased cholesterol levels. The mycoach program for cholesterol is an ideal tool to support this and to prevent secondary diseases.
Since I was a child I had to fight against overweight. I finally found a concept that suits me. No prohibited foods, lots of freedom and I eat something I really like day after day.
Karin Schmid
43 years, -9 kg in 16 weeks